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Lundqvist, M. Brincat, S.L., Rose, J. Warden, M.R., Buschman, T.J., Miller, E.K., and Herman, P. (2023)  Working memory control dynamics follow principles of spatial computing.  Nature Communications  PDF

Sanchez-Todo, R., Bastos, A.M., Sola, E.L., Mercadal, B., Santarnecchi, E., Miller, E.K., Deco, G. and Ruffini, G. (2023)  A physical neural mass model framework for the analysis of oscillatory generators from laminar electrophysiological recordings. NeuroImage

Kozachkov, L., Tauber, J., Lundqvist, M., Brincat, S.L., Slotine, J.J., and Miller, E.K. (2022) Robust and brain-like working memory through short-term synaptic plasticity  PLOS Computational Biology

Buschman, T.J. and Miller, E.K. (2022) Working memory is complex and dynamic, like your thoughts.  Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Lundqvist, M., Rose, J., Brincat, S.L., Warden, M.R., Buschman, T.J., Herman, P., and Miller, E.K. (2022) Reduced variability of bursting activity during working memory Scientific Reports.