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New papers:
Mendoza-Halliday, D., Major, A. J., Lee, N., Lichtenfeld, M.J., Carlson, B., Mitchell, B., Meng, P.D., Xiong, Y., Westerberg, J.A., Jia, X., Johnston, K.D., Selvanayagam, J., Everling, S., Maier, A., Desimone, R., Miller, E.K., and Bastos, A. M. (2024) A ubiquitous spectrolaminar motif of local field potential power across the primate cortex. Nature Neuroscience

Tauber, J.M., Brincat, S.L., Stephen, E.P., Donoghue, J.A., Kozachkov, L., Brown, E.N., and Miller, E.K. (2023) Propofol mediated unconsciousness disrupts progression of sensory signals through the cortical hierarchy.  Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Garwood, I.C., Major, A.J., Antonini, M.J., Correa, J., Lee, Y., Sahasrabudhe, A., Mahnke, M.K., Miller, E.K., Brown, E.N. and Anikeeva, P. (2023) Multifunctional fibers enable modulation of cortical and deep brain activity during cognitive behavior in macaques. Science Advances.

Chakravarty, S., Donoghue, J., Waite, A.S., Mahnke, M., Garwood, I.C., Miller, E.K., and Brown, E.N. (2023) Closed-loop control of anesthetic state in non-human primates, PNAS Nexus.

New Miller Lab work in the news:

MIT Study Reveals Universal Brain Patterns (Science Blog Jan 18, 2024)

Study reveals a universal pattern of brain wave frequencies (MIT press release, Jan 18, 2024)

How Anesthesia Blocks Consciousness (Neuroscience News, Nov 8, 2023)

Anesthesia technology precisely controls unconsciousness (MIT press release, Oct 31, 2023)

Anesthesia technology precisely controls unconsciousness in animal tests

A multifunctional tool for cognitive neuroscience

Cytoelectric Coupling: How Brain Waves Sculpt The Structure Of The Mind
A bold new theory proposes that electric fields could be the architects of the innermost workings of the brain.

Earl K. Miller will deliver a keynote address at the 2024 Gordon Conference on Frontal Cortex

Earl K. Miller will deliver a keynote address at The Science of Consciousness, Tuscon, 2024

New preprints:
New learning principles emerge from biomimetic computational primitives
Anand Pathak, Scott L. Brincat, Haris Organtzidis, Helmut H. Strey, Sageanne Senneff, Evan G. Antzoulatos, Lilianne R. Mujica-Parodi, Earl K. Miller, Richard Granger

Propofol-mediated loss of consciousness disrupts predictive routing and local field phase modulation of neural activity
Yihan (Sophy) Xiong, Jacob A Donoghue, Mikael Lundqvist, Meredith Mahnke, Alex J Major, Emery N Brown, Earl K Miller, Andre M Bastos

Measurable fields to spikes causality and its dependence on cortical layer and area
Shailaja Akella, André M. Bastos, Earl K. Miller, Jose C. Principe

Propofol anesthesia destabilizes neural dynamics across cortex
Adam J Eisen, Leo Kozachkov, Andre M Bastos, Jacob A. Donoghue, Meredith K. Mahnke, Scott L Brincat, Sarthak Chandra, Emery N. Brown, Ila Fiete, Earl K Miller