Our own Kay Tye receives a well-deserved honor:

Slideshow: The 6th Annual Dana and Betty Fisher Retreat of MIT’s Picower Institute for Learning and Memory

A flurry of articles about Picower Institute’s Susumu Tonegawa’s paper implanting false memories in the mouse brain. They identified and tagged a memory engram for one environment, then activated that engram in a different environment while pairing it with shock.  Later, the animals showed fear in the first environment as if they were shocked there.
The Guardian
The New York Times
The cover of Science

The paper: Creating a false memory in the hippocampus

Discovery that some seizures arise in glial cells could offer new targets for epilepsy treatment.  MIT News Release

Miller Lab Research Scientist Vicky Puig quoted in a article in El Pais.  The Picower Institute at MIT is called  “one of the best neuroscience centers in the world”.  One of the?

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