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Earl Miller quoted in Stylist Magazine:
The rise of ‘Borg Brain’: is modern technology affecting our minds? (April 5, 2017)

Earl Miller in Time.
You Asked: How Can I Use More of My Brain? (June 14, 2017)

Earl Miller on the cover of, and featured in, Kent State Magazine (April 2017)

Earl Miller’s guest column in Fortune:
Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Multitask, According to a MIT Neuroscientist (Fortune, Dec 7, 2016)

Earl Miller is quoted in the New York Times:
What Could I Possibly Learn From a Mentor Half My Age? Plenty (New York Times, Sept 11, 2016)

Profile of Earl Miller in Discover Magazine (Oct 2016)
Attention, Please: MIT neuroscientist Earl Miller has changed the way we think about working memory — the brain’s scratchpad.

Earl Miller’s work is discussed in Phyllis Korkki’s book:
The Big Thing: How to Complete Your Creative Project Even if You’re a Lazy, Self-Doubting Procrastinator Like Me

Earl Miller appears on Radio Boston (WBUR, 90.9) to discuss the dangers of distracted driving
Despite Bans, Many Still Text While Driving, 5-16-16

Earl Miller receives the Kent State University Professional Achiement Award and delivers the Commencement Address
Kent State University, 5-14-16

Earl Miller appears on NBC’s TODAY Show: This is your brain on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram other digital platforms.  NBC 1/27/16 Watch video »

7 everyday ways you are ruining your IQ
The Telegraph (UK) 8-5-15  Read article »

Earl Miller quoted in: How being constantly connected is hurting our productivity
Post Magazine 6-21-15  Read article »

The 10 Percent of the Brain Myth is Still Bullshit, Neuroscientists Say
Gizmodo 6-20-15  Read article »

Uncovering a dynamic cortex: Neuroscientists show that multiple cortical regions are needed to process information.
MIT Press Office 6-18-15 Read article »

Earl Miller quoted in: 5 terrible things screen time is doing to your brain
Metro (UK) 6-15-15  Read article »

Earl Miller quoted in: Optimize Your Performance By Singletasking
Forbes 6-1-15  Read article »

Earl Miller live on WURD 900AM (Philadelphia) discussing the dangers of multitasking.
WURD 5-23-15  Listen »

Earl Miller is quoted in: You Asked: Are My Devices Messing With My Brain?
Time (May 13, 2015)  Read article »

How Brain Waves Guide Memory Formation
MIT News Office Feb 23, 2015  Read article »

Radio New Zealand: Interview with Professor Earl Miller about Multi-tasking and technology
Jan 20, 2015 Listen »

Earl Miller wins Bose grant for high-risk innovative research.
Bose Grants Reward Risk  MIT News Office Nov 16, 2014  Read article »

The Dangerous Psychology of Texting While Driving
Fox News Nov 10, 2014  Read article »

Effective Multitasking is an Oxymoron
The Hill News (St. Lawrence University) Oct 29, 2014  Read article »

Biology of Consciousness: Bridging the Mind-Body Gap?
The Huffington Post Oct 10, 2014  Read article »

Experts: Why wearable tech could pose health risks
Fox News, Oct 20, 2014  Read article  »

Tweeting While Watching TV Linked to Fewer Brain Cells
New York Magazine, Sept 26, 2014  Read article »

Now Trending: Why you might want to put your smartphone down while watching TV
The Globe and Mail, Sept 20, 2014  Read article »

Our humming brains help us learn rapidly
New Scientist June 18 2014  Read article »

The Brain’s Crowdsourcing Software
The Wall Street Journal  November 15, 2013  Read article »

Clouds in the Head: New Model of Brain’s Thought Processes
Science News May 21, 2013. Read article »

There’s No More Single Tasking
Earl Miller appears on HuffPost Live.  October 21, 2013  Watch it here (archived) »

Complex brain function depends on flexibility
Neurons that can multitask greatly enhance the brain’s computational power, study finds. MIT News Office, May 19, 2013. Read article »

Is Multitasking Actually a Myth?
Huffington Post, Nov 11, 2013  Read article »

The Perils and Promise of Multitasking, 90.9 WBUR By Curt Nickisch January 31, 2013
Read article »  Listen to interview » or Watch Video »

Earl Miller quoted on CNN: Texting While Walking a Dangerous Experiment in Multitasking, 05-26-2012. Read article »

Constant Distractions Can Take a Toll, Boston Globe, 02-23-2012. Read article  »

Each Half of the Brain Has Its Own Memory Storage, Discover, 06-21-11. Read article »

Earl Miller featured in the book “How Intelligence Happens” by John Duncan. Order from Amazon » “Earl Miller Says Younger Generation Will Be Better Multitaskers”, 03-29-2010. Read article »

US News and World Report : “Some Brain Cells Seem To Multitask”, 6-9-2010. Read article »

EZ Central: “Some Brain Cells Seem To Multitask”, 6-9-2010. Read article »

MIT News: “Multitasking Is No Problem For These Brain Cells”, 6-10-2010. Read article »

Science Daily: “Individual Brain Cells Can ID Objects and Dissimilar as Cars and Dogs”, 6-9-2010. Read article »

Earl Miller wins MERIT Award from the National Institute of Mental Health, 6-7-2010. Read article » Earl Miller is interviewed about multitasking, 03-29-2010. Read article »

Tehran Times: “Why we don’t learn from mistakes”, 02-24-2010. Read article »

Technology Review: “Understanding Autism MIT researchers are working to explain a baffling condition”, March/April 2010. Read article »

The Washington Post – Earl Miller quoted (on page 3) in: “As books go beyond printed page to multi-sensory experience, what about reading?”, 12-28-2009. View PDF »

Harvard Business Review: “Success Gets into Your Head—and Changes It”, Jan/Feb 2010. Read article »

The Scientist: “Cortical Crosstalk”, Oct 2009. Read article »

The Independent Mail (of Anderson, SC): “Down with Multitasking”, 10-6-2009. Read article »

ABC News: “We Learn More From Success, Not Failure. Neural Processing in the Brain Improves After Success, Researchers Show”, 08-26-2009. Read article »

ScienceDaily: “The Mind’s Eye Scans Like A Spotlight: New Role Discovered For Brain Waves”, 08-18-2009. Read article »

New York Daily News: “Stop the multitasking madness! Attempting to do it all can cause neurological damage: studies”, 08-13-2009. (Incidentally, I did not do the experiment I’m given credit for and no one says that multitasking causes neurological damage – so much for accuracy in journalism). Read article »

Daily Mail: Earl Miller quoted in “Is Multi-tasking Bad for your Brain? Experts Reveal the Hidden Perils of Juggling Too Many Jobs”, 08-11-2009. Read article »

Financial Times: “Learning Only from Success”, 07-31-2009. Read article »

Fox News: “We Learn from our Mistakes, Right? Wrong.”, 08-4-2009. Read article »

MSNBC: “We Learn More from Success than Failure”, 08-4-2009. Read article »

Boston Globe: Earl Miller quoted in “Your Brain in Drive”, 07-26-2009. Read article »

Discover Magazine: Earl Miller quoted in “Building a Better Brain”, April 2009. View PDF »

Earl Miller quoted in a Re/Max real estate brochure. Really! . View PDF »

Earl Miller featured in the book “How We Decide” by Jonah Lehrer. Order from Amazon »

New York Times: Earl Miller quoted in the Week in Review section – “The Flipper Challenges the Crawl”, 12-21-2008. Read article »

The Times (London): Earl Miller quoted in “Can Everyone Be An Einstein?”, 11-16-2008. Read article »

New York Times: Earl Miller quoted in “Multitasking Can Make You Lose…Um…Focus”, 10-25-2008. Read article »

National Public Radio’s Morning Edition: “Multitasking in the Car: Just Like Drunken Driving”, 10-19-2008. Read article »

National Public Radio’s Morning Edition: “Think You’re Multitasking?  Think Again”, 10-02-2008. Read article »

Earl Miller interviewed on Australian Radio about insight, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 8-25-08. Listen to interview »

The New Yorker: Earl Miller featured in The Eureka Hunt, 07-28-2008. Read article » or View PDF »

ABC News: Earl Miller quoted in “Newness Factor Weighs in on Brain”, 06-25-2008. Read article »

“An Integrative Theory of Prefrontal Cortex Function” (Miller and Cohen, 2001) designated a Current Classic by Thomson Scientific as among the most cited papers in Neuroscience and Behavior, April 2008. Read article » or View PDF »

USA Today: Separate brain areas rule concentration and distraction, 03-27-2007. Read article »

Scientific American: You May Not Have Rhythm, but Your Brain Does, 07-19-2007. Read article »

National Public Radio: Earl Miller comments on “A Home Design Conducive to Longevity”, 11-10-2007. Read article »

USA Today: Study may help develop ADD treatments, 03-30-2007. Read article »

MSNBC: Your Brain Knows When To Really Pay Attention, 03-29-2007. Read article »

Popular Mechanics: Different brain regions fuel attention, 04-04-2007. View PDF »

Slate Magazine: Brain Lessons, 04-25-2007. Read article »

Earl Miller featured in the book “The Genius Engine: Where Memory, Reason, Passion, Violence, and Creativity Intersect in the Human Brain” by Kathleen Stein. See excerpt featuring Earl Miller » or Order from Amazon »

Earl Miller quoted in the book “More Self than Self: At Autism’s Edge” by Henry Kong. Order from Amazon »

Technology Review: Reverse-Engineering the Brain, 07-11-2006. Read article »

Boston Globe: MIT Pools its Brain Power, 11-30-2005. Read article »

Earl Miller and Matt Wilson were guests on National Public Radio’s The Connection, 03-04-2005. Read article »

Earl Miller was a guest DJ on WMBR (88.1 FM) in Cambridge. Read article »

Primitive Brain Is ‘Smarter’ Than We Think, MIT Study Shows, Science Daily, 03-14-2005. Read article »

Number of the Beast, New Scientist, 01-24-2004. View PDF »

This Is Your Brain on Math, Dallas Morning News, 07-18-2004. View PDF »

New York Times: Earl Miller quoted in “Brain Scans Reflect Problem-Solving Skill”, 02-17-2003. Read article »

Hear Earl Miller talk about free will on German Public Radio, Hessen Radio, 02-18-2002. Listen to interview »

Artwork highlighting our paper is featured on the cover of the Journal of Neurophysiology, July 2002. View PDF »

Hard-Wired Math Skills, The Washington Post, 09-09-2002. View PDF »

Evidence Adds Up That Monkeys Can Count, CNN, 09-05-2002. Read article »

Rewiring the brain, MSNBC, 01-12-2001. Read article »

Revealed: How We Know Fido From Felix, New York Times on the web, 01-11-2001. View PDF »