Two people describe the same shape in the sky 2 hours and 2 time zones apart.  Thy must have seen the same real thing, right?  Maybe, but maybe not.

This could just be a coincidence driven by large numbers.  Millions of people view the sky every night over thousands of moments, night after night.  That is a huge number of observations.   People report all sorts of weird stuff in the sky.  The chance that  two people happen  to think  they see the same thing on the same night in a timely fashion has a very low probability.  But with so many observations of the sky, night after night, that low probability can nonetheless result in real numbers.  Note that there are only two isolated witnesses.  It wasn’t like a crowd of 100 saw each manifestation.

I always say: It would be weird if coincidences never happened.

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The Miller Lab uses experimental and theoretical approaches to study the neural basis of the high-level cognitive functions that underlie complex goal-directed behavior.