Bursting the Neuro-Utopian Bubble

Where do you begin to correct this guy?
1. Neuroscience is ignoring and usurping the treatment of mental illness by the traditional methods of “talking and working with one another to the end of personal self-realization and social harmony”.
Umm, that doesn’t work very well.  So, this is a plus in my book.

2. The solution to curing disease is to erase all poverty?
Let’s assume that’s true (it’s not).  How do we do that?
This reminds me of the Monty Python sketch How To Do It

3. Freud?  Seriously?

That’s enough time wasted on this.

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The Miller Lab uses experimental and theoretical approaches to study the neural basis of the high-level cognitive functions that underlie complex goal-directed behavior. ekmillerlab.mit.edu