Markov et al provide an excellent review and analysis of the anatomy of visual cortex and beyond.  The show that supragranular layers contain highly segregated feedforward and feedback pathways.  Their analysis of the detailed anatomy revealed that feedback connections are more numerous and have more levels than feedforward connections.  By contrast, infragranular layers are less hierarchical and may be more involved in point-to-point cross-talk than feedforward or feedback processing.  Markov et al map the feedforward and feedback pathways to recent observations that feedforward vs feedback communication is supported by gamma vs beta cortical oscillations.

For more on the role of oscillations in feedforward and feedback cortical communication, see our review:
Miller, E.K. and Buschman, T.J. (2013) Cortical circuits for the control of attention.  Current Opinion in Neurobiology.  23:216–222  View PDF »

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