The Motivated Brain
Helle Bundgaard, Jefferson Roy
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This book is the missing link, connecting motivation and modern brain science. Upon purchasing The Motivated Brain, you get free access to the motivation assessment Motivation Factor™ Indicator. Completing the assessment makes it easier to read the book and gives you a better understanding of your own motivation.

Motivation can crumble starting with the Energy Drainers that distract from the current goal, clutter the mind, and waste resources. Next, Needs not being met further hinders motivation by invoking the stress response that hijacks the brain. When this occurs, it is almost impossible to live with a greater Purpose in mind and to use our Talents effectively. Together, this makes us less resistant to setbacks while further reducing our motivation. Not to mention the short and long-term effects on physical health and well-being.

This book reviews the relevant brain areas and circuits thought to be involved in the Hierarchy of Motivation. While not an exhaustive study, our goal is for you to come away with a sense that the four levels in the Hierarchy of Motivation are connected and build on each other, not only in the Motivation Factor Framework, but also in the brain.

As with many frameworks that require learning and change, the proof is in the trying. We are confident that by tapping into established neural circuits and behaviors; the positive changes of increased personal awareness and personal growth can be attained by anyone who tries. We hope to convince you that not only can the brain be trained; it can be motivated!

About the Author

The Miller Lab uses experimental and theoretical approaches to study the neural basis of the high-level cognitive functions that underlie complex goal-directed behavior.