Nice review of past work on the neurobiology of working memory and capacity limits:

Constantinidis, Christos, and Torkel Klingberg. “The neuroscience of working memory capacity and training.” Nature Reviews Neuroscience (2016).

Although there is a caveat:  More recent work suggests that the substrate of working memory is *not* sustained spiking activity.  That is an artifact of cross-trial averaging.  “Delay activity” is more sparse and bursty on single trials.  This suggests a different memory substrate.


Lunqvist, M., Rose, J., Herman, P, Brincat, S.L, Buschman, T.J., and Miller, E.K. (2016) Gamma and beta bursts underlie working memory.  Neuron, published online March 17, 2016. View PDF

Stokes, Mark G. “‘Activity-silent’working memory in prefrontal cortex: a dynamic coding framework.” Trends in cognitive sciences 19.7 (2015): 394-405.

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